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How can I help my child to read?

  • Read to your child.

  • Keep books all around your home, in the bedroom, the kitchen, the bathroom, by the toys, by the television, in the car.

  • Ask questions about the story -- open ended questions will help to facilitate discussion with your child.

  • Talk about the pictures- point out objects for the child to find; ask the child what he/she sees in the pictures.

  • Rhyme with your child, this helps them understand letter and word sounds.

  • Label household items so that your child begins to understand that there is a print word associated with the items that they encounter every day -- the oven, the clock, the door, the television, the sink.

  • Have your child tell you a story, this helps with narrative skills.

  • Make a book with your child; let them create the story and draw the pictures.

  • Relate the story to your child’s life by pointing out similarities between the characters and your child.

  • Talk to your child about their day, their feelings.

  • Move your finger under the words as you read, this helps connect printed words to spoken words.

  • Allow your children to finish the sentence, especially with predictable text and rhymes.

  • Create letters with your child out of dough, wet noodles, or playdough.

  • Allow your child to create real words and made up words using magnetic letters.

  • Take your child to storytime at the local bookstore or library.

  • Have your child trace over letters that you write for them.

  • When out in public, or driving in the car, make a game out of trying to find the first letter of your child’s name on signs.

Local places to buy learning materials:

Lakeshore Learning
12210 Hall Road
Sterling Heights, MI  48313
(586) 803-1436

Holcomb’s KnowPlace
33870 Gratiot Ave.
Clinton Township, MI 48035

(586) 790-9791

44791 Schoenherr Road
Sterling Heights, MI 48313

(586) 739-5900

The Teacher's Store
2383 E. 14 Mile Road
Sterling Heights, MI 48310
(586) 979-8050

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