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Brain Development

What should my child be doing?

  • By age 3-4 your child talks in sentences of 4 or more words about activities.

  • Can answer simple questions that are posed to him or her. 

  • By age 4-5 your child can pay attention to short stories.

  • Can answer simple questions about the stories. 

  • Your child is just beginning to learn the alphabet by singing their ABCs and becoming familiar with the letters in their name. 

  • Your child can listen to and sit still for longer stories and may even be able to tell stories to you; or pretend to read stories to you. 

  • Your child can communicate easily with others and they understand his or her speech.

  • Continue to talk to your child while doing things and going places using simple.     

  • Imitates speech.              

  • Continue to read to your child every day.

  • Your child can attempt to read and write

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association  

American Academy of Pediatrics   

American Library Association- Every Child Ready to Read

Reading is Fundamental:  Learning how to read

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