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Reading Skills

1)  Enjoyment of Books - developing an interest in books and words.

  • Visit the library and bookstores.

  • Read to your child.

  • Let your child see you reading.

2)  Word Knowledge - knowing the names of things.

  • Point out things, in both the environment and in books, and name them for your child.

  • Read non-fiction books to your child.

  • Label household items.

3)  Sound Combinations/ Sound Awareness - the ability to hear and use the smaller sounds in words.

  • Ask your child if certain words rhyme.

  • Read poetry with your child.

  • Sing with your child.

4)  Print Awareness - learning that we read from left to right and top to bottom in the English language.

  • Read environmental print- signs, flyers, etc.

  • Point to words as you read them.

  • Let the child hold the book and turn the pages.

5)  Verbal Skills - the child’s ability to understand and tell stories.

  • Listen to your child when she/he talks.

  • Let your child tell you a story.

  • Ask open-ended questions (questions that require more than a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response).

  • Relate stories to your child’s own experiences.

6)  Letter Knowledge - that letters look different and have different names and sounds.

  • Write your child’s name for him/her.

  • Have magnetic letters available for play.

  • Read alphabet books and point out the letters.

Birth to 6 Early Literacy Skills 

American Library Association Every Child Ready to Read

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