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Library Book Discussions

South Branch
Saturday, November 8
Discuss The Girl You Left Behind
The Girl You Left Behind cover art

North Branch
Tuesday, November 18
Discuss A Sight for Sore Eyes
A Sight for Sore Eyes cover art

...and Children's Book Discussions too!

Can’t make it to the library?
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Clinton Township residents and Macomb Township residents, this is what you have been waiting for: Automatic placement in the holds queues for hardcover bestsellers by your favorite authors!

Please complete this form as completely as possible. If we do not have your name and barcode number, we will not be able to put you In the Queue for your favorite authors.

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Pick your In the Queue Authors:

  Albom, Mitch   Hooper, Kay
  Baldacci, David   Howard, Linda
  Barr, Nevada   Iles, Greg
  Berg, Elizabeth   Johansen, Iris
  Bernhardt, William   Karon, Jan
  Binchy, Maeve   Kellerman, Jonathan
  Bradford, Barbara Taylor   Kidd, Sue Monk
  Brockmann, Suzanne   King, Stephen
  Brown, Dan   Kinsella, Sophie
  Brown, Sandra   Koontz, Dean
  Bushnell, Candace   Krentz, Jayne Ann
  Child, Lee   LaHaye, Tim
  Clancy, Tom   Macomber, Debbie
  Clark, Mary Higgins   Margolin, Phillip
  Coben, Harlan   Martini, Steve
  Collins, Jackie   McNaught, Judith
  Connelly, Michael   Meltzer, Brad
  Cook, Robin   Michaels, Fern
  Cornwell, Patricia   Patterson, James
  Coulter, Catherine   Peters, Elizabeth
  Crusie, Jennifer   Picoult, Jodi
  Cussler, Clive   Putney, Mary Jo
  Davidson, Diane Mott   Quick, Amanda
  Deaver, Jeffrey   Quindlen, Anna
  DeMille, Nelson   Reichs, Kathy
  Deveraux, Jude   Rice, Anne
  Evanovich, Janet   Rice, Luanne
  Evans, Richard Paul   Robb, J.D.
  Fairstein, Linda   Roberts, Nora
  Fielding, Joy   Sandford, John
  Follett, Ken   Scottoline, Lisa
  Frey, Stephen   Shreve, Anita
  Gardner, Lisa   Siddons, Anne Rivers
  Gerritsen, Tess   Sparks, Nicholas
  Grafton, Sue   Steel, Danielle
  Graham, Heather   Tan, Amy
  Griffin, W.E.B.   Turow, Scott
  Grisham, John   Tyler, Anne
  Hillerman, Tony   Weiner, Jennifer
  Hoag, Tami   Woods, Stuart