New CMPL Catalog

CMPL Vega Catalog
CMPL launched the new catalog experience in January 2024. Use the videos and links below to learn how to navigate the new experience and get some tips and tricks.

Learn how to navigate the new look of the CMPL catalog with this overview video.

Learn all about Bookmarks in this video.

Learn how to save a search.

How to create a MeL search.

Frequently Asked Questions
Where are my saved lists?
These are in the process of being moved from the old catalog. It may take several weeks for your lists to full populate, but they are coming.

Where can I find the number of renewals left on my items?
Currently, Vega does not show the number of renewals left. This is an enhancement request that we hope will come soon. In the meantime, feel free to call us at (586) 226-5020 and we can tell you how many renewals you have left on your items.