The North Branch will be opened in LIMITED CAPACITY on Tues., April 9.  You will be able to browse items in the lobby, use the café, and check out holds. If you require further items from inside the library, a staff member will need to assist you.  We hope to be able to open the building fully very soon and will keep you updated.

Immigration Display

Residents of Clinton and Macomb Township may submit for display up to two photos and up to two items to represent their or their families’ heritage. Items could include clothing, paperwork, decorations or other items that came with you or your family when immigrating to the U.S. Items will be displayed in locked cases at the Main Library March 18-April 14. For those submitting items for display, by submitting this form, I agree to adhere to the following policies:

  1. Items submitted by residents of the CMPL service area related to immigration and suitable for viewing by general audiences will be accepted. Please email for approval prior to bringing in photos and other items for display.
  2. You are responsible for bringing in all items and picking them up after the display ends. Items can be dropped off between Wednesday, March 13 and Friday, March 15 during normal business hours. Items must be picked up Monday, April 15 or Tuesday April 16. Please contact library staff at to make other arrangements if you cannot drop off or pick up on those days.
  3. The Clinton-Macomb Public Library, nor any of their representatives, will not be responsible for any damage, loss, or injury that may occur to the submitters or property from any cause whatsoever.