Early Literacy

Early Literacy Resources

1000 BOOKS BEFORE KINDERGARTENImage of grandma reading to child
Learning to read begins long before your child starts school. Your child is gaining valuable exposure to language whether you read a book, the paper or a back of the cereal box. Did you know that reading aloud helps with:

  • Language development
  • Literacy skill building
  • Brain development
  • Bonding

Isn’t 1000 books a lot to read? Reading 15 minutes every day equals 27,375 minutes–over 450 hours! That’s more than enough time to finish 1000 books. Get started today to by Get started today to by printing out the 1000 Books Before Kindergarten sheets. Then, bring your sheets into the library, or start your own Beanstack account. Be sure to use your library barcode and the last four digits of your phone number to set up your Beanstack account.

CMPL has created special kits called Story Time to Go which focus on the five practices (Talk, Sing, Read, Write, and Play).  Each themed kit has two books, rhymes, games, and manipulatives for you and your child.  A full list of kits can be found here.

Call us at (586) 226-5006 to listen to a story read by a CMPL librarian. Story Phone is available 24-hours-a-day.

CMPL IS A FAMILY PLACE LIBRARYFamily Place parent and child image
Family Place Libraries transforms libraries into community centers for early literacy, parent education, and family support. The network includes more than 500 sites in 32 states. Core components of a Family Place Library include:
  • Trained staff
  • Parent-child workshop
  • Specialty Collections
  • Specially-designed spaces
  • Collaboration and community partnerships
  • Additional programs for babies and toddlers
  • Outreach
The goal of Family Place Libraries is to foster an environment of learning and parental involvement in a supportive community. CMPL offers the parent-child workshop throughout the year at all locations to connect parents with local resources to put their children on the right track for literacy. Get more information about Family Place Libraries here.

Research shows that ages 0-5 are the most important time for children to develop their brains and attitudes towards reading.  Help your children develop early literacy skills now and they will have an easier time learning to read when they start school.  Five of the best practices to prepare your child to read are talking, singing, reading, writing, and playing.

Talk, Sing, Read, Write, Play
Five of the best practices to prepare you child to read are talking, singing, reading, writing, and playing. CMPL offers resources for you become more comfortable incorporating these activities into your routine.
Web Talk image   TALKING
Talking with children is one of the best ways to help them learn new words and information.

Web Sing   SINGING
Singing songs are a natural way for children to learn about language.  It slows down language so children can hear the different sounds that make up words.

Web Read Image   READING
Reading together is the single most important way to help children get ready to read.

Web Write Image   WRITING
Writing and reading go together.  Scribbling and writing help children learn that written words stand for spoken language.

Web Play Image   PLAYING
Playing helps children put thoughts into words and think symbolically so they understand that spoken and written words can stand for real objects and experiences.